Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers.

The EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network is GDMS's outreach function to attract small business and encourage innovation from the GDMS supply base. Sheila Lucas is the Manager of the EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network.

EDGE is the entry point and access point for small business and all suppliers that want to do business with GDMS. We get to know your business and you get to understand GDMS' supply chain, technical needs, and processes.

EDGE will share GDMS' supply chain/technical opportunities and needs with your organization. We do this thru our 'TechScout' process. TechScout is critical to our supply chain process to source potential outside solutions. We need your innovative approaches to build partnerships that solve our customers' greatest challenges.

EDGE will send 'TechScouts' at the pace of business need. We encourage you to check your email regularly for these opportunities. You will be notified by email (techscout@gd-ms.com) of a new posted TechScout. Please be sure to encourage your technical teams to get these alerts so they can assist in preparing the requested responses. EDGE will send regular communication emails at least once per month. These emails will come from edgeinnovation@gd-ms.com.

The EDGE is a virtual network and operates without brick and mortar facilities. EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network supports all US and International teams that procure solutions.

Your business wants to get involved with the EDGE so that our GDMS teams can fully understand your technology capabilities and your planned development efforts. Our understanding of your technical capabilities and technology roadmaps, coupled with early engagement on procurement opportunities, allows our team to align your competencies to our enterprise needs.

The EDGE Innovation Network is now the EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network, part of General Dynamics Mission Systems' Supply Chain. Our interactions and connections with small business and suppliers are focused on understanding your full capability set, your business discriminators and sharing that information with our supply chain and technical teams.

EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network is setting up new automated processes to have you share your updates and capabilities in real time. We will update you by email when the platforms are available for your team.

Our Calls for Innovation will now be called TechScouts. We will publish TechScouts on our website and we will email them direct to individuals that sign up to receive our news. Please ensure that all of your team members that should see these procurement and technical requests sign up to receive our email.

No, we will not. Our team will rely on the information that you put into our automated systems to map your capabilities to our supply chain and technical needs.

No, there will not be membership levels. Our goal will be to partner if/when there is a need which will require very specific agreements that will be initiated on a case-by-case basis.

There is no cost to associate with the EDGE.

Call us:
Toll Free (U.S.) 1-888-406-EDGE (3343)
Toll Free (Non-U.S.) 1-877-466-9467

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